Although online shopping is considered to be more secure, it is not immune from counterfeit and fake products. Dubious manufacturers, who have no market for their substandard goods take advantage of unsuspecting customers and avail products with the fake branding to make use of established brands. This is very dangerous especially if the products play an in enhancing safety. Particularly for health and fitness products, it is important to know how to get genuine products and avoid the fake ones. Below, we take a look at some few measures that you can implement to ensure that you are on the safe side of online shopping.

Buying genuine products from online platforms

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It has been a common practice by counterfeiters to name their products almost similar to the genuine ones, mainly to avoid lawsuits from the original manufacturers. For example, many people bought a phone called Nokla thinking it was a genuine Nokia. They all failed to notice that the “i” was replaced with an “l.” This is the first place to get started, and it will help you spot products that are fakes.


Because most fake products are of low quality, it means that little money was used in the production of the product. Therefore, they can afford to sell their products at lower price. Therefore, make sure that you check from various platform to compare the prices. Check news articles for press releases from the parent company, who will always quote the prices of the products.

Quality images

Online shopping relies on pictures to ensure that their customers view the goods before they buy them. Therefore, to make sure that you get the best product, provide that high-quality images are available to help you with the process of selection. Stay away from low-quality images.

Ask questions

Most shopping platforms will enable you to message the seller directly. Make sure that you ask all the important matters, like where the product was manufactured. Inquire about the delivery and specs of the product. A genuine seller will know the product inside out and depending on the answers you get; you can easily tell if the seller is selling real products.


The last resort is to make sure that you read prlsndvlknsdlkvnksdnvklsldknvklsdnvklsdvsdvaoduct reviews before you buy them. Many people will share their experience with other people to ensure that they understand the product. In the case that you purchase a genuine product, it would be now of you to leave a review and help other shoppers.