inboard M1

Inboard M1 skateboard review

The world of electric skateboards is quickly growing, and we cannot mention electric skateboards without including the inboard M1 in the list. The inboard M1 might not be the first entrant in the list, but it is still making a difference since its introduction in 2015. Read the full Inboard skateboard review to learn more. Many people are accepting the work that inboard has made with this electric skateboard. This is not your ordinary entry level skateboard. It is designed with pro users in minds and the not leisure users. You will realize that the maximum speeds and the designs have the needs of skating enthusiasts in mind.

Why consider the inboard M1 skateboard?

Water resistant motor

The Inboard M1 comes with a water resistant monitor. This means that you can ride it on wet days without worrying about damaging the motor. However, you should not abuse this feature and try riding it on rainy days. It is also important to make sure that the motor is not exposed to a lot of water.


LED headlights

One thing that you must love about this skateboard is the LED headlights. The headlights make it easy to see properly especially when riding at night. Keeping in mind that the headlights are LED, you don’t have to worry about them dimming at any point. The LED headlights will also offer you safety by making sure that you can be seen by other riders and motorist.


Portability is important for electric skateboard and many people prefer something that they can easily carry around when the need arises. The inboard M1 is 14lbs, and this makes it fairly portable. This is not the lightest skateboard when it comes to electric skateboard in its category, but it is fairly portable.

High speed

The reason why many pro users love the inboard M1 is the high speed that it offers. With other electric skateboards, the maximum speed that it can go is 20mph. However, with the new skateboard, it can go up to 24mph making it one of the fastest electric skateboards that we have today.


Can work when battery is dead

When the battery dies, you don’t have to carry the skateboard around. You can still cruise around in the manual mode, and you can push it in a free mode. The speed at this time might not be high as you would use it in electric mode but it is still worth it.